Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social networking madness

I’m as much of a fan of technology and social networking as the next person but I can’t get my head around the appeal of sites such as Foursquare which allow people - ok “my friends” - to track where I am. Yikes.

It’s bad enough that owning a mobile phone makes me (even if only theoretically) available 24-7, but at least people don’t know where I am when I answer the phone. If I'm having a romantic tete a tete the last thing I want is some sozzled friend wandering in because she's worked out the bar I'm in is on her way home.

And do I really want to know that friend X is playing the pokies at the North Ryde RSL, or that Y and Z have ducked into a swingers club on the way home from Great Aunt Ethel’s 80th?

Sorry but I think this is one social networking trend that is just going to have to happen without me.

1 comment:

  1. Hear hear! I find it err "challenging" to have on my twitterstream, it's as though I am being forced to stalk someone that I don't particularly wish to know all these details about.