Friday, January 15, 2010

Who wants a new national holiday?

Swapping emails recently with Sophie, a PR contact and twitter friend, about my post-Good Food blogging activities she shared an anecdote about a friend of hers from Uni, Thomas Clouet. Thomas is a French chef, food forecaster and food stylist who has apparently become quite famous in France thanks to the popularity of his book Les Petits Roules de Thomas, which although I haven't seen it, seems to be a modern take on the sandwich. Thomas's other claim to fame is that he is currently petitioning the French government to declare an official annual Fete de la cuisine or "kitchen celebration" national holiday.

Since my French isn't up to reading Thomas's website in the language it was written in, I'm relying on Google's translation (which is a little eccentric. to say the least) however the gist of it is that food is such a big part of French culture that the state should celebrate all things culinary on one day of the year by facilitating activities such as cooking demonstrations, sampling at fresh food markets and communal lunches and/or dinners, not just in the major cities but in towns and villages across France. I love this idea and wholeheartedly support Thomas's petition, available at and on Facebook.

It also made me think about the national holidays we should be petitioning for here in Australia. How about a "festival of the stubby", marked by the whole nation sitting around a Weber and drinking beer? Or a "national cargo pants and thongs day" where everyone wears cargo pants and thongs and hangs around their local Westfield shopping centre? Or perhaps we should add "Prawn Sunday"  to the roll call of summer festivities, with stimulus package-issued prawn peelers lobbing into every letterbox? Personally I think the possibilities are endless... Any suggestions? I'm happy to start the Facebook page!

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